The Confectioner’s Tale: US Edition

So today marks publication day for the US edition of The Confectioner’s Tale! I’m thrilled that this little book – which I feel like I started so many years ago – will now be available across the pond; not only in paperback, but in gorgeous, petite-sized hardback as well!

I’m beyond delighted to be published by St Martin’s Press; the team there have been fantastic and supportive, and I can’t wait to work with them on future books.

To celebrate the launch, I’m running a giveaway of TWO signed (and personalized, if you like) hardback copies of The Confectioner’s Tale. If you’d like to enter, just leave me a comment below before 1st October 2016 at 23:59 (GMT), and I’ll pick the winners at random.


In case you missed it the first time (and because, of course, a celebration means cake) here’s a link to the St Germain Cake I created to mark the book’s original release.

St Germain Cake

A bientot!

L x

Die Tochter des Patissiers

So, earlier this week I received yet another exciting book package; to my delight this one contained copies of the German translation of The Confectioner’s Tale,  Die Tochter des Patissiers.


This one is SUCH a lovely edition, so I have to thank Bastei Lübbe for doing an absolutely brilliant job on the design work. There are thoughtful touches all the way through the presentation, including fold out recipes pages (for my St Germain Cake) and colourful page numbers!

So very happy. Thank you Germany!

The Confectioner’s Tale… The Audiobook!

With the rush towards Christmas, page-proofing, new writing and an overload of mulled things, it completely slipped my mind to say that a few weeks ago, The Confectioner’s Tale was released as an audiobook!

the confectioner's tale audiobook

Very exciting of course; but also more than a little strange to hear my words read aloud by someone else for the first time! It’s read by Julie Teal (who has also narrated The Saffron Trail and The Honours, amongst many other things).

If you’re so inclined, you can get your hands on a copy – and hear a sample – at Audible, iTunes, Amazon or, wherever you usually get your audiobooks from.

More news soon on new book releases, foreign versions and general cakery.

L x

The Confectioner’s Tale… en français!

Oh my giddy aunt it’s been so long since I updated on here. Mea culpa! My only excuse is that I’ve been hard at work on a brand new novel, which is tentatively scheduled for publication June 2016. More as that develops… exciting! (The team at Transworld have been dropping tantalising hints about cover designs).

If you’d like to have a guess about when and where the new book is set, feel free to go and take a look at the Pinterest board I’ve been building to keep track of my visual research. (I do this for all of my books)


In the meantime, I’m delighted to announce that The Confectioner’s Tale has been published in French by City Editions as Le Portrait de l’oubli. I’m especially impressed by their undeniably sassy cover design. Thank you City! There have been some lovely reviews already, so I’m relieved and very pleased that French readers are enjoying it.

One French reviewer recently commented that reading the book allowed them to escape the terrible events of 13th November for a few hours, and also reminded them why they loved Paris so much as a city, despite everything that has happened. Needless to say I was incredibly humbled and touched to hear this. I was also reminded of how important fiction can be; not just to entertain, but to sustain us, to feed our imaginations, to let us inside another person’s head for a few hours… to empathise with what we find there. If I’ve been able to give comfort to just one person with my writing – the way I’ve taken comfort in books in the past – I’ll be more than happy, I’ll be honoured.

L x

The Confectioner’s Tale Launch Party

The Confectioner’s Tale is officially out in the world, which can only mean that it’s time for a CELEBRATORY BOOK LAUNCH.

The Confectioner's Tale Invite

I’m absolutely thrilled that Hart’s Bakery have agreed to play host to the evening’s shenanigans. If you don’t know Hart’s, it’s a gorgeous little working bakery under the railway arches next to Temple Meads station. With its open kitchen, railway connections and reputation for making some of the best baked goods in Bristol, it seems like the perfect place to officially toast The Confectioner’s Tale into the world.

There will be cake,  books, wine and maybe a reading, so do come along and enjoy; all are welcome! There’s a handy RSVP form here.

Hope to see some of you there!

(Thanks go to Becky for her invitation design wizardry)

Publication Day!


Yes, it’s finally here: the official publication day of The Confectioner’s Tale! It’s been a long journey, filled with many, many drafts, plot changes, character chopping and chapter juggling, but TCT (as it’s affectionately known) is now a real book, and out in the world for anyone to pick up – and hopefully enjoy – which is the most exciting thing of all.

I’ve been lucky to have landed in the middle of such a warm team at Transworld, who have been nothing but enthusiastic from the beginning. (Anyone who turns up to a first meeting with a tote bag of free books gets a head start, in my opinion). My editor Harriet’s editorial notes were a god-send, and cut through the snow-blindness which can occur after spending too much time with your own writing. Naomi and everyone on the PR wagon have been equally brilliant; as a new author it can be a fight to get your voice heard, and they’ve thrown their energy behind getting The Confectioner’s Tale out there and talked about, so that it reaches as many potential readers as possible. The act of writing and the necessity of publicity are not the easiest of companions, I find, which makes the job of the team at Transworld all the more important (and challenging!). Bravo.

But first and foremost, I have to thank my agent, Ed, who fished me out of the slush pile aged 20 and has stuck with me ever since. It’s been a longish road here, via one very odd novel that (thankfully, in hindsight) no one wanted to publish, but I’m eternally grateful that I sent off a  submission of a weird, raw, half-finished manuscript to Ed that day in 2008. Buy him a double G&T, if you happen to see him about. THANKS ED.

There are a few more bits and pieces of exciting news re: TCT, but they’ll have to wait until I’m sure I’m allowed to talk about them! In the meantime, there’s a launch party in the offing (watch this space), and I’m currently hacking away at another novel…  For now though, thank you to past, present and future readers: I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did writing it.

Official Cover Reveal and Release Date

So I’ve had quite a few pieces of exciting news in the last week or two. The first one is that The Confectioner’s Tale is being published a little sooner than planned: release date is now scheduled for 23rd April 2015! It was originally intended to be May 21st, but publication dates shift with remarkable flexibility; far more than I would have originally assumed. (There’s a good reason for the change, I promise, I just can’t mention what it is at the moment…)

The absurd, ridiculous coincidence is that my sister Lucy’s book is coming out ON THE SAME DAY. This wasn’t planned; in fact, it’s happened this way after both of our release dates were moved, twice. Double gin and tonics for us.

It’s going to be a bit of a whirlwind from now until then, but hopefully we’ll have time to put together a launch party or similar: more on that later.

Last Friday I was in London, and the day was jam-packed with meetings (business and social, both enjoyable) and all manner of food wedged into the free spaces. (Including pizza at Homeslice, cakes at Bea’s, cocktails at 5cc…) Anyway, before all of that I met the lovely folk at Transworld for breakfast, and Harriet, my editor, showed me the final cover design for TCT.

The confectioners tale front only
















There it is! Everyone on the art and design has done a wonderful job, and I can’t wait to hold a physical version in my hands. The quote from Leah Fleming took me by surprise too – I had no idea she was reading the book – but am delighted she enjoyed it. It’s still an exceedingly strange feeling, that somewhere out there, unbeknownst to you, people are reading your words.

This hopefully means it won’t be long until a box lands on my doorstep with copies of the book itself. Don’t worry, I’ll be yelling on and offline, loudly and repeatedly when that happens.



The Proofs are In!

One of the things I’ve learned since becoming an author is that the strangeness of seeing your words in print for the first time never goes away. Something that you’ve worked on – for years, potentially –  that has sat quietly as a word document on your computer, seen by a select few, is abruptly out there. Free to be read, by whoever picks it up.

The Confectioners Tale page proof

It’s undeniably exciting, but there’s simultaneously a feeling of: ‘ARGH, my ridiculous words!’ when you come across that phrase or sentence that has never been quite right, to your mind. Mostly, though, it’s odd to think that it doesn’t belong to you any more; that strangers will be reading it, meeting the characters who have been known only to you for such a long time, and making of them what they will.

So, here it is! The first glimpse of The Confectioner’s Tale in print. It’s been beautifully produced, and I love the cover design for these proofs.










The publicity team at Transworld are currently winging out copies to selected editors, reviews, bloggers etc. (Along with a recipe for a St. Germain cake that I created to accompany the book). If that’s roughly your line of work and you’d like a copy, then get in touch and I can pass on the request.

Absurdly, the thing I find most exciting of all is the Black Swan logo on the spine…










It’s strange to be talking about firsts and beginnings, when – in one sense – my work with this book is done. Once the book is printed, it’s out of my hands, and alongside the anticipation and happiness at reaching this goal, I’m already starting all over again with another book, and another private word document…