The Proofs are In!

One of the things I’ve learned since becoming an author is that the strangeness of seeing your words in print for the first time never goes away. Something that you’ve worked on – for years, potentially –  that has sat quietly as a word document on your computer, seen by a select few, is abruptly out there. Free to be read, by whoever picks it up.

The Confectioners Tale page proof

It’s undeniably exciting, but there’s simultaneously a feeling of: ‘ARGH, my ridiculous words!’ when you come across that phrase or sentence that has never been quite right, to your mind. Mostly, though, it’s odd to think that it doesn’t belong to you any more; that strangers will be reading it, meeting the characters who have been known only to you for such a long time, and making of them what they will.

So, here it is! The first glimpse of The Confectioner’s Tale in print. It’s been beautifully produced, and I love the cover design for these proofs.










The publicity team at Transworld are currently winging out copies to selected editors, reviews, bloggers etc. (Along with a recipe for a St. Germain cake that I created to accompany the book). If that’s roughly your line of work and you’d like a copy, then get in touch and I can pass on the request.

Absurdly, the thing I find most exciting of all is the Black Swan logo on the spine…










It’s strange to be talking about firsts and beginnings, when – in one sense – my work with this book is done. Once the book is printed, it’s out of my hands, and alongside the anticipation and happiness at reaching this goal, I’m already starting all over again with another book, and another private word document…

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