There’s always been a cat at Enysyule, and there always will be.

It’s nearly Christmas, and Jessamine Pike needs a serious life overhaul. Jess moves into Enysyule, a centuries-old cottage in Cornwall, and begins the process of renovating the rundown house by day and finishing her novel by night, planning to have both finished in time for the holidays.

She’s got good company: a beautiful, arrogant tomcat stalks around like he owns the place, and seems very skeptical of Jess’ tenancy.

But there’s magic in the air… Local legends tell of a spirit that inhabits the area, and an ancient standing stone that keeps watch over the valley.

As Christmas comes closer and closer, Jess uncovers treasures from Enysyule’s past, and becomes involved in a fight for its future

For Jess has stumbled into a story that’s been going on for five hundred years.

A story about land, love, friendship, the Yuletide… and one remarkable cat.

A dreamy, atmospheric Christmas story about legends and love, Cornwall and cats, that races along to its warming and satisfying ending.”

Sheila Norton, author of Charlie, the Kitten Who Saved a Life

The Cat of Yule Cottage is published by Hodder & Stoughton in the UK (2016), Newton Compton in Italy, Piper Verlag in Germany and Bai Hua Zhou Literature and Art Publishing House in China.

For all rights enquiries, please contact Meg Davis at Ki Agency.

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