Event: Winstone’s Sidmouth

On Saturday 30th May, I’ll be doing a joint event at Winstone’s Bookshop, Sidmouth, with my sister, fantasy author Lucy Hounsom!


That’s her there. She’s actually my older sister, and wasn’t very pleased when I was born. Later, she had a history of making me wear reindeer antlers and riding me around the house while pretending to be Santa, but now she’s a fantasy author, and has recently released the brilliant Starbornthe first in a trilogy for Tor. (Oh, and even weirder, it was, by complete coincidence published on the same day as The Confectioner’s Tale).

21416669 The confectioners tale front only




Although we grew up in Maidenhead (Berks) Sidmouth is our family home these days, so I’m delighted to have such a good excuse to go back for a visit. If you don’t know it, it’s a lovely seaside town in Devon, about 12 miles along the coast from Lyme Regis.

Lucy and I will be hanging out in the bookshop from 1pm, so if you happen to be in the area (or know someone who like books, fantasy and cake – isn’t that everybody?) then do come along.

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